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We welcome you to our APPS site. We are global innovation leaders in school planning and design. This site showcases three unique APPS that can measure the effectiveness and provide solutions to vastly improve the quality of LEARNING SPACES, assist TEACHER PRACTICE & elevate STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT. For a free demo, call Mr. Prakash Nair at +1 917.406.3120.

These APPS are available to schools and school systems by invitation only. Each APP is fully customizable to fit your particular educational vision and ethos.


Our SPACE APP measures how well your school building serves your educational needs. A vast majority of school buildings were designed to serve a factory model of education.

They are hard-pressed to accommodate current demands on education such as personalization, collaboration, creativity and authentic learning. This APP will help you benchmark the current state of your school facilities and then provide a blueprint for capital expenditures that be directed, laser-like, to improve student achievement.

In this manner you can actually track your spending on school buildings to the teaching and learning value such expenditures yield.


Our PATH APP provides a pathway for teachers to plan, refine and continuously improve their professional practice.

It’s a simple and easy-to-use mobile interface provides instant feedback to teachers about the efficacy of each lesson. The quality of any lesson, regardless of the subject or length or format, can be instantly evaluated.

Surveys take no more than two minutes to complete and will be securely stored for future reference.


Our LEARN APP is all about the kinds of learning students are actually doing in school. Developed specially for middle and high school students, this APP is designed to give every student an opportunity to build a fully customized “menu” of learning skills that are important to them.

From there, the APP will keep track of their actual experiences in school and give continuous feedback to keep them on track to achieve their goals. Built upon a survey platform that allows each day’s activities to be quickly recorded in as little as a minute or two, the APP will also create a valuable “electronic portfolio” of student activities to help refine and hone their learning skills and also give them a competitive advantage for both college admissions and in the workforce.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.